The Refreshing Atmosphere of Whole House Audio

We provide wired and wireless distributed audio whole house audio solutions that match superb sound quality with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control. You can have access to listen to, and share, your complete audio library anywhere in your home. Whether you are entertaining on a fun night or relaxing in the morning, with whole house audio you’ll be on your way to enjoying a richer life.

Whether you have enjoyed the wonderful benefits of whole house audio before, or this is your first experience, we have an installed system that is just right for you. Benefit from our many years experience and simplify the process of choosing and installing the ideal whole house audio system. From Sonos to JBL, we have it all.

Thank you for considering Cinema-Quest and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Whole House Audio

  • The ideal system for playing music across your entire home should be easy to integrate, flexible, reliable, fantastic sounding, and easy to operate.
  • A good whole home audio system should be able to play music in any room, from any source, regardless of the distance – with zero complications.