We install state of the art Wi-Fi & Networking solutions in your home, ranging from setup of routers, Wi-Fi extenders, and small networks, to complex arrays for full-blown smart homes with dozens of devices and connected cutting-edge technologies including: security, home servers, Z-wave/Zigbee/Bluetooth enabled devices, and more.

So often it’s crucial to have one company integrating your home technology assets that understands your existing equipment (if any) as well as your future expansion goals and desires. The truth is, some home technologies and systems have complementary functionality that can be wasted or “double-purchased” without careful, knowledgeable planning and integration. For example, your home theater, home audio, and home network may have special features and abilities that you are not even fully taking advantage of.

We pride ourselves at Cinema Quest on having extremely proficient techs. Let’s put it like this: “the better we understand all integrated systems, the less you have to“. We want your experience and interaction with your installed technologies to be entertaining, powerful, novel, and hassle free. It does not matter if you saw an incredible demo and have been sold the best systems on the planet, if they are not setup properly. Far too often we find that others have not setup systems correctly and we are called upon to “fix the situation”. Touch base with us and we’ll do it right the first time. Or we can also help you out of a jam.

Call us at 864-281-7406 if you have questions about installing or upgrading your Wi-Fi & Networking setup.

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