Surround Sound by Cinema Quest

There is nothing quite like the surround sound experience. Lush. Immersive. Powerful. Wonderfully entertaining! Surround Sound can absolutely make the difference between a good home theater setup and a great one.

In fact, your home theater surround sound system is just as important to entertainment as the main viewing source. However, there is lots of confusion in the marketplace about surround sound systems. Because the term literally means a system with more than two normal left (L) & (R) right stereo speakers that “surround” the listener, some companies have capitalized on selling “surround sound systems” that are cheap junk with slick marketing.

The truth is, just having multiple speakers hardly takes in to account important aspects such as listener location and sweetspot. Low end surround sound systems are often simply made up of more than two cheap speakers!

It’s absolutely crucial to get professional input on the right surround sound speakers for a particular room. You can have top of the line components and crystal clear picture, but if these are not skillfully integrated with the right surround sound system, the listener’s experience will be DRAMATICALLY less than hoped for.

Surround Sound is not the place to skimp on expertise or quality. After helping dozens and dozens of thrilled customers, please trust us on that. Everyone fortunate enough to experience your home theater system will also thank you!

Give us a call 864-281-7406 and we will help you investigate what options are available to meet your budget and will be optimal for your particular listening environment.

Surround Sound